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The page for all Schneider documents. Browse through the current catalogues and price lists and download the assembly instructions for your illuminated mirror or mirror cabinet if required.

Product Catalogue 2020 15 MB Download

Schneider Price and model list EXPORT 2020 1 MB Download
Schneider Price and model list United Kingdom 2020 1 MB Download

C-Line 142 KB Download
TRI Line 90 KB Download
A-Line 2 MB Download
ARANGA Line 2 MB Download
GRACE Line 324 KB Download
CARE Line 706 KB Download
ELUA Line 2 MB Download
FACE Line 995 KB Download
WANGA Line 814 KB Download
LOW Line 226 KB Download
MOANA Line 140 KB Download
O-Line 12cm 1 MB Download
O-Line 15cm 1 MB Download
PALI Line 2 MB Download
PATA Line 999 KB Download
PEP Line 330 KB Download
LOW Line Basic 2 MB Download
LOW Line Plus 1 MB Download

A-line A15/LED AP/UP 2 MB Download
A-Line Lichtspiegel A/SP/LED AP 755 KB Download
ARANGA Line ARA/LED AP 1 MB Download
ARANGA Line Lichtspiegel 902 KB Download
CARE Line FLS/HP AP 808 KB Download
CARE Line PAL/HP/S/LED AP 774 KB Download
CARE Line WSC/HP/LED/FL AP 1 MB Download
CARE Line WSC/HP/K/S LED AP 838 KB Download
ELUA Line ELU/LED AP/UP 1 MB Download
FACE Line FLI/LED AP 1 MB Download
LOW Line Basic FL 2 MB Download
LOW Line Basic LED 2 MB Download
LOW Line LOW/FL AP 1 MB Download
LOW Line LOW/LED AP 1 MB Download
LOW Line Plus LED 2 MB Download
C-Line 406 KB Download
GRACE Line Lichtspiegel 323 KB Download
CARE Line PAL/HP 747 KB Download
GRACE Line FL  470 KB Download
GRACE Line LED  502 KB Download
MOANA Line 809 KB Download
PEP Line 1 MB Download
O-Line 12cm O12/LED AP/UP 2 MB Download
O-Line 12cm O12/LED unten AP 1 MB Download
O-Line 15cm O15/LED AP/UP 2 MB Download
O-Line 15cm O15/LED unten AP 2 MB Download
PALI Line PAL/LED/AP/UP 2 MB Download
PATA Line PAT/LED AP/UP 2 MB Download
TRI Line Lichtspiegel TRI/SL/LED AP 551 KB Download
WANGA Line WLS/FL AP/UP 2 MB Download
WANGA Line WLS/0 2 MB Download

A-Line A15/LED AP 2 MB Download
A-Line A15/LED UP 2 MB Download
A-Line A/SP/LED Lichtspiegel 746 KB Download
A-Line A/SP/LED SOUND Lichtspiegel 746 KB Download
ARANGA Line ARA/LED 1 MB Download
ARANGA Line Lichtspiegel 1,012 KB Download
CARE Line PAL/HP/S/LED 1 MB Download
CARE Line WSC/HP/LED+FL 1 MB Download
CARE Line WSC/HP/S/LED+FL 1 MB Download
CARE Line WSC/HP/K/LED 1 MB Download
CARE Line WSC/HP/K/S/LED 1 MB Download
CARE Line FLS/HP/K/FL 1 MB Download
CARE Line FLS/HP/K/S/FL 1 MB Download
ELUA Line ELU/LED AP 1,003 KB Download
ELUA Line ELU/LED UP 1 MB Download
FACE Line FLI/LED 1 MB Download
LOW Line Basic 2 MB Download
LOW Line LOW/FL + LED 1 MB Download
LOW Line Plus 2 MB Download
C-Line Einzelleuchte 628 KB Download
C-Line Hochschrank 1 MB Download
WANGA Line Hochschrank 703 KB Download
GRACE Line Lichtspiegel 865 KB Download
C-Line Seitenschrank 2 MB Download
PEP Line Seitenschrank 792 KB Download
GRACE Line 2 MB Download
MOANA Line 2 MB Download
PEP Line 2 MB Download
O-Line O12/LED 1 MB Download
O-Line O15/LED 1 MB Download
PALI Line PAL/LED AP 2 MB Download
PALI Line PAL/LED UP 1 MB Download
PATA Line PAT/LED 7 MB Download
TRI Line TRI/SL/LED 1 MB Download
WANGA Line WLS/FL 1 MB Download
WANGA Line WLS/FL/UP 1 MB Download
WANGA Line WLS/0 1 MB Download

Planungshilfe/Produktkatalog 3 MB Download

Individual lighting control – a focus on people

The various control options are designed to provide more options for the lighting mood you prefer. With the selectable lighting functions, you can create an ideal atmosphere in a room for every occasion and determine your personal feel-good level of comfort.

Functionality: the light source can be controlled directly with a smartphone or tablet via an integrated Bluetooth interface.

Direct links to app stores for downloading Schneider Ambient Lighting

Operating systemStoreApp nameLink to app store
android-logo-Ver-1-1 AndroidGoogle Play StoreSchneider Ambient Lighting
Apple Apple iOSApple App StoreSchneider Ambient Lighting

Screenshot of the Schneider Ambient Lighting app