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Experience the bathroom in a new light. Enjoy wellbeing, wellness and harmony. Plenty of storage, adjustable tones from candlelight to daylight with Tunable White, Human Centric Lighting for comfort, Bluetooth for rich sound: discover the world of Schneider mirror cabinets. A ventolin inhaler is a device used to deliver medication to the lungs. Mirror cabinets are often used in bathrooms to store toiletries and other items.

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Schneider LUNE D2WNew

Immerse yourself in a new realm of wellbeing: the round mirror cabinet – the first of its kind – captivates with its clean lines, mood lighting with Dim2Warm function, and premium materials.

Advanced Line Ultimate TW Mirror cabinet milieu overview.

Schneider ADVANCED Line Ultimate TW

The mirrored cabinet that perfectly illuminates the bathroom: shadow-free, glare-free, natural. Perfect for personal grooming. And above all: for an all-round sense of wellbeing.

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Schneider ADVANCED Line Superior HCL

Wall and mirror in perfect union: Schneider’s first flush-mounted mirror cabinet elevates bathroom design to a new level of aesthetic sophistication.

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Schneider ADVANCED Line Comfort TW

Floats before your eyes: with its doors projecting slightly from the frame, the mirror cabinet appears to float in the bathroom, an effect further enhanced by the indirect light.

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Schneider PREMIUM Line Ultimate HCL

The consummate mirror cabinet: elegance contained within a narrow frame of LED lights. The light automatically adapts to your needs at different times of day.

PREMIUM Line Superior TW wall-mounted mirror cabinet, with lighting on, washbasins and window front.

Schneider PREMIUM Line Superior TW

Simplicity meets elegance: a narrow strip light surrounds the mirror cabinet, creating exactly the mood you want, from candlelight to make-up lighting.

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Schneider ARANGA Line TW

Twice the illumination, simply compelling: the indirect lighting on the top and bottom edges, with a double strip light in the mirror surface, lend understated elegance.

DAILY Line Ultimate TW wall-mounted mirror cabinet. Top and bottom lighting. With shower. With washbasin.

Schneider GRACE Line TW

Get that spa feeling at home: the narrow strip lights, subtly recessed into the mirror cabinet, create a 5-star ambience of pure relaxation.

DAILY Line Ultimate TW wall-mounted mirror cabinet. Top and bottom lighting. With shower. With washbasin and towel.

Schneider DAILY Line Ultimate TW

Setting the mood, lifting the spirits: brightly illuminating the room or bathing it in a warm, spa-like light. With Tunable White you can set the mood you want, whenever you want.

LOW Line PLUS LED mirror cabinet on ceramic wall. Shower on left side. WC and washbasin.

Schneider LOW Line Plus LED

Bringing light into the darkness: the ideal mirror cabinet for rental properties, with two LED lights top and bottom so there's no real need for overhead lighting in the bathroom.

LOW Line BASIC LED mirror cabinet on ceramic panel wall.

Schneider LOW Line Basic LED

Pacesetter and all-rounder: the top-selling mirror cabinet for rental properties features high-quality LED lighting and generous storage space, wrapped up in a sleek design.

LOW Line LED mirror cabinet on ceramic panel wall with open door. Shower on the left.

Schneider LOW Line LED

A tried-and-tested cabinet with none of the unnecessary extras – and all of the essentials: LED lighting, continuously variable glass shelves and lots of storage space.

OBJECT Line Superior LED - mirror cabinet in perspective with light above and below.

Schneider OBJECT Line Superior LED

Budget-friendly, with a little something extra: direct LED lighting above, indirect lighting below. Slender side profiles impart a touch of elegance to the cabinet.

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Schneider OBJECT Line Comfort LED

Perfect for big projects and small budgets: this mirror cabinet is a thing of beauty, with just one LED light and interior mirrored doors, framed by slender side profiles.

EASY Line Superior LED mirror cabinet mounted on wall. Lighting on each side. With shower bar and cloth. With washbasin.

Schneider EASY Line Superior LED

Slightly protruding, slightly bevelled: two pillars of light evenly illuminate the face, with no shadows. A no-frills mirror that's ideal for a guest bathroom.

EASY Line Comfort mirror cabinet on ceramic panel wall. Lavabo below. Glass shower wall and shower.

Schneider EASY Line Comfort

Instead of built-in lighting, it has ample space, power and continuously variable glass shelves. A mirror cabinet pared back to the essentials: a mirror plus storage.

PATA Line LED mirror cabinet mounted on ceramic panel wall. With window. Washbasin below.

Schneider PATA Line LED

Beautifully simple, beautifully pared-back: fuss-free design, superb lighting and storage space combined in an unpretentious, beautifully made mirror cabinet.

Mirrored wardrobe open with washbasin and shower.

Schneider CARE Line Comfort LED

Hygienic, easy to clean, customizable: the mirrored bathroom cabinets loved by clinics, hospitals, GP surgeries, nursing and retirement homes.

Universal frame in the concrete wall for overview page.

Universal frame – the safest assembly solution

Install your mirror cabinet faster and easier thanks to the universal frame from Schneider

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