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The ideal light

Change the light colour

Schneider mirror cabinets are the only mirror cabinets available on the market with a spectrum of light colours that can be adjusted from bright make-up light to warm and romantic candlelight.

The effects of light (melatonin)

The different types of light have the biggest impact on us in the evening and in the morning.

Melatonin is an endogenous hormone (night hormone) that sends signals to the body telling it the time of day. The production of melatonin can be directly controlled by light, and it is therefore particularly important that the light that surrounds us can be adjusted accordingly.

In the evening and during the night, this gives the body the signal for relaxation and sleep. This is why it makes a lot of sense to set the right lighting in a bathroom in the evening and at night – i.e. as warm as possible with low levels of blue light.

In the morning and during the day, however, bright, blue light tells us to wake up and promotes activity.

Our mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors enable you to adjust the lighting exactly the way you need it!

Find your lighting mood for relaxation

Our mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors cover a light spectrum from 2000 kelvin (candlelight atmosphere) to 6500 kelvin (bright daylight). So far, most of all other manufacturers have only been able to offer a spectrum starting at 2700 kelvin. This means we can offer you real added value in the range from 2000 to 2700 kelvin for warm and romantic lighting. Natural melatonin production, especially in this range below 2700 kelvin, promotes relaxation in the human body.

Added value and advantages of use for your bathroom

  • Very broad light spectrum from 2000 kelvin (candlelight atmosphere for warm and romantic lighting) to 6500 kelvin (bright daylight for make-up and shaving)
  • One of the few manufacturer in the range from 2000 to 2700 kelvin, giving you warmer light with less blue for a sense of wellness and well-being
  • Especially in the range below 2700 kelvin, natural melatonin production promotes relaxation in the human body
  • The light colour can be adjusted conveniently on the mirror or, with certain models, via the app
  • Avoiding the suppression of melatonin at night or in the evening can help to ensure lower susceptibility to colds
  • Melatonin is very important at night for regenerative processes in the body to promote a healthier life
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