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Be seeing you.

At Schneider, you change the world – the wonderful world of our customers' bathrooms. In our team, we open up lots of opportunities for you to develop and contribute your skills to a Swiss SME. There's a special place in our heart not only for quality, proximity to the customer and the continuous development of our products and services, but also for the furtherance and development of our staff.

Welcome to our world! We want everyone to always be able to see themselves in the right light.

Benefits: what you can look forward.

Part-time models, working hours and work–life balance

We offer modern part-time models. In addition, as an employee, you have 5 weeks of holiday and determine when you are present as part of a flexible working hours system. In line with the needs of the team, Schneider offers you the opportunity to work from home.

Employee development

Continuous learning is important to us. In line with your needs and goals, you can continue your professional training and count on our support.

Modern pension provision

We contribute 60% of your pension premium. Your partner is also insured without the need to register, and the insurance is inheritable. For daily sickness benefit insurance, we pay even 75% of your premium. This covers your loss of earnings due to illness for periods of absence of up to 720 days.

Catering and pure nature

At noon, you can quickly get out into nature and enjoy the fresh air and the Churfirsten panorama – no problem in Flums. In addition, Schneider offers fresh fruit and a wide variety of teas free of charge.

Close to public transport and free parking

Schneider is a stone's throw from Flums train station. Arriving by train is practical and easy. Of course, free parking is also available.


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