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Kelvin, Lumen, Lux und Co.

The perfect lighting for every bathroom

Every bathroom is unique. Ideally, the mirror cabinet and its lighting is tailored to the room size and specific conditions such as the amount of sunlight, other sources of light and the brightness of the walls and floor. The rule of thumb is that the darker the walls and floor, the more intense the lighting of the mirror cabinet should be. Lean more!

The light colour


The light colour can be measured and is given as a colour temperature in kelvin (K):

At low kelvin values, the light has a much higher red component, making it appear warmer. The higher the value, the larger the blue component, and the colder the appearance of the light.
The Schneider mirror cabinets with what is called Tunable White – an adjustable light colour – are unique on the market. Their enormously wide light spectrum ranges from 2000 to 6500 K. Virtually no other manufacturer offers mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors whose light colour can be changed so comprehensively.

The luminous flux


Light intensity is also called luminous flux. It is measured in lumen – directly on the illuminant. The higher the lumen value of a light source, the brighter it shines.

The illuminance


We can compare the luminous flux of a light bulb – given in lumens – to the flow of water in a shower. As you move your hand away from the shower, it receives less water. In much the same way, the farther your book gets from the bedside lamp, the less light there is to read. The lumen is thus not the ideal unit of measurement to describe the visual comfort of a workplace, for example. This requires a different unit of measurement, the lux (lx), a measure of illuminance, which describes the luminous flux received by a surface per unit area. “One lux is the amount of illumination provided when a luminous flux of one lumen is evenly distributed over an area of one square metre” (scientific definition).

The essential question is that of defining the necessary level of lighting in a given room (e.g. a bathroom) and for a given purpose (shaving, putting on make-up, brushing your teeth, etc.).

Customised lighting.

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