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Vision and values

We want everyone to always see themselves in the right light.

The right light at the right time creates joy, improves wellbeing and increases vitality.

  • Schneider is transparent, open and honest towards its employees, customers, suppliers and partners.
  • Schneider wants to meet the explicit and implicit expectations of its customers at all times.
  • Schneider acts in an environmentally conscious way – in production, during transportation and when designing and developing its products and services.
  • Schneider is committed to Switzerland as a business location. We plan to continue designing, developing and producing in Switzerland in the future.
  • Schneider supplies its sales partners – wholesale bathroom companies – with competitive, market-oriented products and services.
  • Schneider is an innovation pioneer and the clear market leader in illuminated mirrors and mirrored cabinets in Swiss bathrooms.
  • Today, Schneider generates almost 90% of sales in Switzerland. In the foreseeable future, we aim to sell at least as many products in our export markets as in our domestic market.
  • Alongside its own brand, Schneider offers high-quality OEM products in all its sales markets.
  • When designing its range of products and services, Schneider relies on in-house developments, development cooperations and development partnerships.
  • Schneider and its brand represent high-quality, distinctive design.

Leadership change at the top of Schneider as of January 2024

Managing director Daniela Koch and board member Martin Holenweg

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