Care advice

Care advises for mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors


Only clean with a damp wash-leather, clean off heavy dirt with clean hot water. Rub edges of mirror dry with a soft cloth.

  • Do not use any cleansers or chemicals!
  • Result --> damage to coating, erosion of edges

Light diffusers and plastic parts

Clean with soft damp cloth or wash-leather. Rubbing with a dry cloth will cause an electronic over-charge on the plastic parts and therefore undesirable dust will collect on the surfaces. If necessary an anti-static product for plastic can be used.

When looking after your mirror cabinet made of plastic (polystyrene) remember particularly that products containing gasoline, oils, alcohols and solvents should not be stored on cabinet bottom. Could result in chemical attack seriously. Clean with a damp and soft towel and dry immediately.

  • Do not use cleansers or chemicals!
  • Result --> Stretch cracks, risk of breakage, marks.

Anodised surfaces

Clean with a soft damp cloth or wash-leather. Clean wet with the rough side of a household sponge (e.g. Scotch) and household cleanser (e.g. VIM or similar).

Then remove cleaning residues with clean water and rub surfaces dry.

Bright chromium-plated surfaces

Clean with soft damp cloth or wash-leather.

  • Do not use cleansers or chemicals!
  • Result --> surface damage.

Guarantee conditions

There is no right under the guarantee for damage caused by the chemical effects or inappropriate treatment.