Schneider mirror cabinets for care homes and hospitals - W. Schneider+Co AG

Homes and hospitalsPopular with patients, nursing staff and cleaning personnel

Easy cleaning, optimal hygiene. Our aluminium mirror cabinets guarantee this. The efficient LED technology significantly reduces power consumption and at the same time permits a modular and suitable lighting concept (from candlelight at night to daylight for day care) – and renders ceiling lighting superfluous. The ergonomic storage solutions, for example with integrated disinfectant dispensers, simplify the work of care and cleaning teams. Sockets and doors can also be easily operated by those with reduced mobility or who are short in stature.

CARE Line LED or FL Mirror cabinet on concrete wall for overview page.

Mirror cabinetCARE Line LED or FL

The mirror cabinet range for comfort bathrooms in clinics, hospitals, medical practices, nursing homes and retirement homes. Models with direct and indirect light as well as dispensers with levers for soap, disinfectant and paper towels.

  • 4000 K (kelvin)
  • Direct light
  • Indirect light
  • Continuously adjustable glass shelf
  • Florescent tube