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Lighting competence Find the ideal light for your bathroom in the lighting competence centre

You might imagine the effect of lighting before you build or renovate your bathroom. But imagination will only get you so far. Once the bathroom is finished, you might think: “I wish I had chosen a different lighting solution.” It doesn’t have to be this way. At Schneider’s new lighting competence centre at Sabag in Rothenburg, you can test bathroom lighting solutions in real-life situations.

Find your ideal lighting solution!

Schneider worked in partnership with Sabag in Rothenburg near Lucerne to set up the lighting competence centre. The competence centre provides you with the unique opportunity to answer all of the questions about your bathroom construction or renovation project before you start. By comparing different bathroom situations, you will find the lighting solution that best fits your bathroom and meets your needs.

Concrete answers for you provided by specialists

Working with bathroom specialists, you will get concrete answers to the following questions – and many more:

  • What impact will light or dark floors and walls have on the lighting?
  • What is the added value of a mirror cabinet, which reflects indirect light from its bottom edge onto the washbasin?
  • What model and size of a mirror cabinet or illuminated mirror is right for the size of your bathroom?
  • Do you need additional ceiling lighting, or does the mirror cabinet or illuminated mirror provide sufficient and satisfactory lighting for your bathroom?
  • What are the advantages of Human Centric Lighting, which tailors the light’s colour and brightness to human biorhythms during the day and at night?
  • What impact will a warmer or colder light colour have on the mood, the perception of the room and activities in the bathroom – from wellness to shaving to applying make-up?