KelvinThe light colour

The light colour can be measured and is given as a colour temperature in kelvin (K):

The light colour

At low kelvin values, the light has a much higher red component, making it appear warmer. The higher the value, the larger the blue component, and the colder the appearance of the light.

The Schneider mirror cabinets with what is called Tunable White – an adjustable light colour – are unique on the market. Their enormously wide light spectrum ranges from 2000 to 6500 K. Virtually no other manufacturer offers mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors whose light colour can be changed so comprehensively.

LumenThe luminous flux

Light intensity is also called luminous flux. It is measured in lumen – directly on the illuminant. The higher the lumen value of a light source, the brighter it shines.

The state-of-the-art LED light in Schneider mirror cabinets is several factors more powerful and at the same time consumes much less energy than conventional fluorescent luminaires or light bulbs. The LED luminaires of the former achieve around 130 lumens per watt, while a 100-watt light bulb only achieves around 15 lumens per watt. This reduces electricity costs by 50% compared to conventional luminaires – and at the same time a much brighter maximum luminous flux can be enjoyed.

Our mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors provide a dimmable light of up to XXXXX lumens.

LuxThe illuminance

Illuminance is measured in lux. It indicates how much light from a light source effectively hits a defined point. For make-up and shaving, for example, a light of around 300 to 400 lux is ideal.

The illuminance of the LED lights of our mirror cabinets at full power and the usual distance of the face from the mirror of around 60 cm is up to XXXXX lux.