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Human Centric LightingFeel good thanks to soft lighting

Wake up and feel good! Schneider mirror cabinets transform your home into a spa oasis: from a cosy bubble bath with dimmed light to activating light in the morning to ensure you enjoy a healthy and energetic start to your day!

Your modular light from Schneider

Light has a beneficial effect on your body and mind. It supports our day-night rhythm, soothes the soul and allows us to flourish in every way. One thing is for sure: the more attuned that light is to our daily routine, the more intensive and healthier we feel.

Schneider therefore takes you to the next level of lighting and transforms the light in your bathroom into a feel-good companion during your day-to-day life.

In particular, light has the biggest effect in the evening and the morning. This is because in the evening, as soon as it goes dark and the natural light loses its blue components, the body produces its sleep hormone melatonin. In contrast, the bright, blue light in the morning suppresses the melatonin, and we wake up.

Lighting expertiseLight is our element

3700 Kelvin
5700 Kelvin
3025 Kelvin

The secret behind Human Centric Lighting

HCL stands for Human Centric Lighting. The aim is to do something good for people.

HCL technology supports you during your personal daily routine. You wake up more quickly in the morning and sleep better during the night. This boosts your natural regenerative processes. You feel more rested and healthier.

Schneider uses HCL technology in the following product lines:

PREMIUM Line Ultimate HCL

Light becomes a work of art.

PREMIUM Line Ultimate HCL is surrounded by a narrow LED light frame, which gives distinction to the unmistakably elegant design.

ADVANCED Line Superior HCL

The start of a new era.

ADVANCED Line Superior HCL is the first flush-mounted mirror cabinet from Schneider.


From candlelight to make-up light.

ELUA Line LED: Two lateral luminaire columns illuminate your face in the best-possible light.

A-Line LED

Ultimate relaxation.

A-Line LED: Premium LEDs and various lighting functions guarantee the utmost of well-being.