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Lighting expertiseLighting expertise in the bathroom – simply for feeling good

What does your dream bathroom look like? Lots of storage space, a floor-level shower, large anthracite tiles and a clear design maybe? You also need one more thing: the right light. It makes a decisive contribution to well-being in the bathroom. Schneider mirror cabinets always provide the right light – and a light that adapts to your wishes.

From a warm and relaxing light to a bright make-up light

Light is not always light. Many people think that modern LED light is cold, white and bright – in short, never as warm and inviting as light-bulb light.

Schneider is keen to revise this idea. With our mirror cabinets, which are equipped with the latest LED technology, you choose the light colour – or as some call it, the light temperature.

These luminaires emit exactly the light you need and want. In the middle of the night, for example, it can be a strongly dimmed, warm, yellowish light. When you get up in the morning, you can choose a slightly brighter but still warm light for your shower. For putting on make-up and shaving, it can be a bright, white light that illuminates your face and guarantees that nothing goes wrong, while at the same time helping you to wake up and tackle the day fresh and invigorated. This is because light controls the internal body clock.

Finally, as the perfect companion to a bubble bath in the evening, you can choose, for example, an indirect light that seems far warmer than that of a strong light bulb – more like that of a candle.

Kelvin, Lumen, Lux and Co.:
the perfect lighting for every bathroom

Every bathroom is unique. Ideally, the mirror cabinet and its lighting is tailored to the room size and specific conditions such as the amount of sunlight, other sources of light and the brightness of the walls and floor. The rule of thumb is that the darker the walls and floor, the more intense the lighting of the mirror cabinet should be. Lean more!

Human Centric Lighting:
light tuned to the human biorhythm

With Human Centric Lighting, Schneider brings even more comfort to the bathroom with biologically effective light – a light that automatically adapts to the time of the day. If you like, you no longer need to control anything yourself and can instead leave it all to your new mirror cabinet from Schneider.

It adjusts the light to your biorhythm, so that the light provides gentle guidance when switched on at night and does not throw your sleep cycle out of sync. In the morning, the colour temperature changes from warm to cool, helping you to wake up. During the day, the appropriate light intensity and a light colour that corresponds to bright daylight help keep the body going. Schneider mirror cabinets make a crucial contribution to your well-being throughout the day and even nurture your health.

Find the ideal light for your bathroom in the lighting competence centre

You might imagine the effect of lighting before you build or renovate your bathroom. But imagination will only get you so far. Once the bathroom is finished, you might think: “I wish I had chosen a different lighting solution.” It doesn’t have to be this way. At Schneider’s new lighting competence centre at Sabag in Rothenburg, you can test bathroom lighting solutions in real-life situations.

You control the light using buttons – or your mobile phone

You can select the light colour using the keypad on the cabinet or mirror – or with certain models even via the Schneider app. It has never been easier to create the atmosphere of an inviting spa centre at the touch of a button – or the bright light of a beauty salon.

Incidentally, the models with integrated sound systems generate even more atmosphere. You can relax in a candlelight atmosphere and listen to your favourite music in hi-fi quality through the integrated speakers. Or you can play songs from your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

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Mobile phone in the hand

Additional light sources are unnecessary

Our mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors are designed so that in most cases you do not need an additional light source, i.e. ceiling lighting is superfluous. This not only saves a lot of money in a new or renovated building, it also measurably reduces electricity costs. Several different light sources in the mirror cabinets make this possible. In addition, our high-quality LED lights last two and a half times longer than conventional FL tubes – around 50,000 hours. And we even supply them with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Direct light, e.g. from side strip lights, illuminates the face brightly – completely glare-free, of course – while indirect light radiates a relaxing atmosphere below, above or on the sides of the cabinet.

The various light sources in a mirror cabinet can be controlled independently of one another – in terms of both light intensity and light colour.