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Planning mirror cabinet

How do I plan a mirror cabinet for the bathroom?

How to find your bathroom mirror cabinet easily!

A good bathroom mirror cabinet is an all-rounder:

  • It offers ample and clearly arranged storage space for all personal hygiene utensils
  • The bathroom presents itself in an extremely tidy manner
  • Integrated lights and sockets increase convenience
  • High-quality mirror cabinets are easy to clean
  • The cabinet does not take up any extra space next to a mirror
  • Timeless, classic, linear design harmonises with any bathroom design
  • Modern lighting functions create a feel-good atmosphere
  • A flush-mounted mirror cabinet visually enlarges the bathroom

Quality is paramount - regardless of what other criteria are important to you:

  • The mirror cabinet should be designed for a long service life
  • Even frequent cleaning must not impair the aesthetic quality
  • Schneider mirror cabinets are made of robust, durable aluminium with the best appearance and Swiss quality
  • High-quality LED lights save resources and energy

Which features of a mirror cabinet are important to you?

  • Make a list of the features that are indispensable to you
  • In addition, make a note of the desirable features
  • Now look specifically for a new mirror cabinet that ideally fulfils your wishes and requirements

Do you want to save on your budget?

  • A mirror cabinet with integrated lighting often reduces construction costs because - depending on the size of the bathroom and the colours in the bathroom - it makes the installation of an additional ceiling light unnecessary
  • Schneider's Easy-Line models include high-quality mirror cabinets with LED lighting of 3000 Kelvin (warm white) or 4000 Kelvin (neutral white)
  • Even the budget models are equipped with Schneider's popular infinitely adjustable glass shelves

Optimum lighting:

  • Indirect light creates a wellness atmosphere
  • Direct light optimally illuminates the face when shaving and putting on make-up
  • Dimmable mirror cabinet lights create soft relaxing light in the evening, refreshing in the morning and activating the daylight colour temperature
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