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Bathroom Renovation

What do I need to consider when renovating my bathroom?

You are planning to renovate your bathroom. A beautiful task. A refreshing new bathroom is a real pleasure and becomes a place of well-being at home. But what should you pay attention to during the renovation? We have the checklist.

Plan the renovation in detail early on

  • Do I want to change the position of furniture and sanitary facilities?
  • Perhaps there is an unused room next door that can be connected to enlarge the bathroom?
  • Or can I replace the bathtub with a floor-level shower?
  • Does the bathroom have to be barrier-free?
  • Will I have a spare bathroom during the renovation period?
  • What is my budget for the renovation?

Furniture: Where do I place what?

  • Draw a true-to-scale floor plan of the bathroom - on paper or with an app
  • Draw the planned furniture and sanitary facilities, cut them out, move them around; this way I can see if there is room for all my ideas

Equipment: What do I really need?

  • Which furniture and how much storage space do I need?
  • Do I keep shower towels and hygiene supplies in the bathroom?
  • If the textiles have space in another room, I can do without a bathroom cabinet
  • A mirror cabinet from Schneider is ideal for personal hygiene utensils. It offers plenty of storage space for toothbrushes, care products and more. Because it hangs on the wall to save space, the floor area remains fully usable

Craftsmen: Involve sanitation companies early on

  • Experts ensure the quality of the work: obtain quotations from two or three sanitary companies
  • Involve experts at the planning stage to clarify the feasibility of my ideas

Furnishings: Coordinate colour and style

  • Get samples of the preferred tiles and hold them next to the selected furniture to check the harmony of the colours
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