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All Schneider mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors are made of aluminium. The material is endlessly recyclable and is characterised by durability, stability and a multitude of other positive properties.

Leads the way

Schneider leads the way when it comes to mirror cabinets made of aluminium profiles. In 1967, we were one of the first manufacturers in Europe to produce aluminium mirror cabinets. Today we manufacture all our mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors out of aluminium. Aluminium is characterised by a multitude of positive properties. It is extremely robust, rust- and mould-free, durable, hygienic, and particularly easy to clean.

800 tonnes of CO2 saved

We managed to save over 800 tonnes of CO2 in one year by producing exclusively with 100% recycled aluminium! *

Efficient, environmentally friendly LED technology

In our mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors we use state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and efficient LED technology. In addition, the luminaires are extremely durable – with a guaranteed operating life of 50,000 hours.

New production facilities

Schneider uses state-of-the-art lean management. Just-in-time production leads to low storage costs and reduces space consumption. This saves valuable resources. Thanks to optimised production we save 2 tonnes of packaging cardboard annually.

With the new powder coating plant installed in Flums in 2017, we save 20% of the energy needed for powder coating and achieve a high recycling rate of 10% of the total powder.

* 100% of our aluminium profiles are based on recycled aluminium. This has a used material content of approx. 80%.

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