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My swiss mirror

Schneider – Our brand promise

Schneider manufactures all its mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors in Switzerland. When you purchase a product from our company, you can look forward to a first-class radiant bathroom element, designed and manufactured in Switzerland – in short, an original Swiss mirror.

Since 2017, we have concentrated production at our own plant in Flums, Switzerland. In the same year, we also introduced modern just-in-time production with lean management. By reorganising itself in this way, Schneider is safeguarding the long-term competitiveness of the plant – and thus jobs in Switzerland.

Quality from the market leader for mirror cabinets

Today Schneider is the Swiss market leader for mirror cabinets. All our products are made of durable and hygienic aluminium. The quality will give you just as much pleasure as the feel-good atmosphere they create.

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