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Marco Fischbacher – Giant Slalom World Cup Ski Racer

The new Ski World Cup season is kicking off. Marco Fischbacher will be there. The 26-year-old from Toggenburg amazed everyone last winter with his consistently strong performances in the European Cup and secured the much-coveted ticket to participate in the World Cup thanks to third place overall in the giant slalom classification. Instead of Narvik or Gällivare, it's now Adelboden-Lenk... dänk!

"I can't wait to compete with the best giant slalom racers." Names like Odermatt, Kristoffersen or Schwarz are both an incentive and motivation for him to become even stronger and better. Giant slalom is a demanding discipline that requires technique, speed and precision. Marco Fischbacher is aware of this and describes the discipline as his favourite. The favourites for what will hopefully be a spectacular start to the season in Sölden are known by name. For him, the role as a front-runner is water under the bridge and "being there is everything" isn't in line with his ambition. In the interview format: 8 questions, 8 answers, he told us how ambitious his goals are and how he strategically plans his competitions before the start of the World Cup.



Marco Fischbacher – 8 questions, 8 answers

How do you think everyday skiing will change from the European Cup to the World Cup?

The transition from the European Cup to the World Cup brings with it some notable changes. The best racers compete in the World Cup, which sets off a chain reaction. Media attention rises to a new dimension. The sport is showcased in the shop window, so to speak, and attracts people's interest. We racers are in the spotlight both on and off the track. But it is the spectators who set the atmosphere ablaze, thousands of whom follow the World Cup races live, which are even more demanding than in the European Cup, and trigger an avalanche of emotion.

How and with whom did you define your goals and strategy?

The goals and the strategic approach were developed in close cooperation with the coaching team. Seasonal planning is the foundation, and we make sure that the goals are both optimistic and realistic. At the end of the season, I aim to have achieved my results and performance targets. That means being healthy and in top shape with good results in order to be able to compete successfully in the rest of the World Cup season.

Why do you rely 100% on giant slalom?

Apart from the fact that giant slalom is my favourite discipline, I am first and foremost happy about the fixed World Cup place. Specialising in one discipline also has advantages. I can focus on preparing for the competitions. As a result, I hope to be able to use my physical resources smartly and in a productive way, so that I can ultimately compete on an international level.

How did you prepare for it (pre-season preparation. Tell us how and where you trained, and for how many hours)?

The complex movement sequences in giant slalom require good interaction between all muscles. That's why, in addition to fitness training, strengthening the muscles was a big part of my daily routine. The training sessions, which took around 5 hours on normal days, I tried to do in nature whenever possible and combined them with compensatory sports like biking or trail runs. When weather conditions allowed, I trained on the glacier either in Zermatt or Saas-Fee, with all the other Swiss Ski athletes.

Which race would you most like to win and why?

From my point of view, the Chuenisbärgli in Adelboden is the epicentre of the Giant Slalom World Cup. If you win there, the ground will tremble all the way to beautiful Toggenburg. Even though I'm not one to hold my tongue, winning this absolute classic would leave me speechless.

What is your talent hidden in plain sight?

"Aux Champs-Elysées..." (Marco Fischbacher hums the song by Joe Dassin) Singing French is my passion... no, I'm joking, of course, that's not true. With a few singing and French lessons, I'd have potential. To be honest, I don't have any special hidden talent, but I always appreciate a dash of irony.

How important is the support of sponsors like our company for your career as a ski racer?

The commercialisation of sport is the driver of partnerships. The support of the Schneider company means a certain planning security for me and opens the door for me to be able to practice the sport professionally. I also think that our sport will increase brand awareness and media exposure. Ultimately, I pursue the same goal as my sponsors. I want to inspire and expand my target group (fans) and stand out from the competition.

Which Schneider product would you recommend to a winner who needs to dress up for the award ceremony?

Based on my last visit to the Schneider showroom, my impromptu recommendation would be the A-Line HCL. In addition to the design and the integrated Hi-Fi sound system, I was impressed by the lighting functions. But I would prefer the spotlight at an award ceremony ;)

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