Schneider mirror cabinets design and production - W. Schneider+Co AG

ProductionIn-house design and production

Schneider uses lean management with just-in-time production. This allows you to benefit from greater product diversity and extremely short production times. In addition, you can flexibly configure many components for your mirror cabinet.

Let us know your wishes and requirements for your Schneider product. We will respond with a great deal of flexibility. For catalogue products, we guarantee delivery within five days of ordering.

All our mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors are manufactured by our metal specialists and assembly workers in our own factory in Flums, Switzerland. The production halls were completely rebuilt in 2004. Our constructors and designers design all our products in-house with CAD.

Production is divided into three areas:

All Schneider mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors are made of high-quality, durable aluminium in our own factory. We process aluminium profiles with computer-controlled profile machining centres (CNC machines) and software-controlled presses (CAM).

Suspended aluminium profiles

Product refinement
The metal and plastic parts are chrome-plated, powder-coated or anodised. Since 2017, we have been using a state-of-the-art system for powder coating that reduces electricity consumption by 20% and powder consumption by 10%.

Assembly line
On the assembly line, our qualified assembly workers assemble the prefabricated assemblies into Schneider products. Our quality assurance staff then check everything down to the finest detail. Only when everything fits and works perfectly and meets the renowned Schneider quality standard can the product leave our premises.

Worker looks at the product.