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Über unsThe secret behind the mirror cabinet

W. Schneider+Co AG has designed and manufactured more than three million mirror cabinets at its factory in Switzerland. Find out here how Schneider became the Swiss market leader and why you feel so comfortable in a bathroom fitted with our cabinets – and with the light they radiate.

Our vision: The right light!

We want as many people as possible to see themselves in the right light when they look in the mirror any time of the day or night.

Meeting Shop Floor
Ruler and aluminium powder

For small footprints in the bathroom

The aluminium used for our mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors is endlessly recyclable. We purchase it from local manufacturers in Switzerland and nearby Vorarlberg in Austria. State-of-the-art production facilities save energy and resources.

Schneider – my ultimate mirror experience

Schneider is the Swiss market leader for mirror cabinets. Our products are manufactured in our own factory in Flums in the canton of St. Gallen. Our state-of-the-art, just-in-time production with lean management secures around 80 jobs in Switzerland.

Worker in a technical plant
Hollow metal bars

Quality with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty

We only use high-quality aluminium for mirror cabinets. No other material is as robust and hygienic. Latest-generation lighting technology creates ideal light for every application in the bathroom.

In-house production including design

Thanks to lean management combined with just-in-time production, production times are extremely short. Our designers design all our products in-house – and they are also all manufactured at our factory in Flums.

Hängende Aluminiumprofile

HistoryLeading the way in mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors for over 65 years

W. Schneider+Co AG was founded in 1953 as a sheet metalwork and insulation contracting company with just three employees. Today, in Switzerland and Europe, Schneider is regarded as the epitome of quality, reliability, variety, design and lighting expertise in the bathroom.

The company is headquartered in Langnau am Albis near Zurich. Each day, 80 employees consolidate the excellent reputation of the Schneider brand. They produce up to 700 mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors per day at the company’s own production site in Flums near the Glarus Alps.

Milestones in the history of Schneider.


Foundation of W. Schneider+Co by Walter Schneider with three employees in Langnau am Albis near Zurich


New building in Langnau and development of the first aluminium-profile cabinets (TSL)


Foundation of subsidiary W. Schneider GmbH in Laufenburg, Germany


Foundation of a subsidiary in Flums, canton of St. Gallen. Purchase of a property and establishment of a factory in a former sawmill


Market entry into the UK market


New headquarters with office building and factory expansion in the centre of Langnau


ISO 9001 certification


Merger with the subsidiary in Flums and takeover of the company by Herbert Schneider


Construction of the new plant in Flums, canton of St. Gallen


Herbert Schneider organises the succession planning for the company: The new owner of W. Schneider+Co AG as of 7 August 2014 is a Swiss investor group. Co-owner Martin Holenweg takes over the management of the company.


Relocation of the German branch to Ludwigshafen am Rhein near Mannheim


Concentration of production at the Flums site, just-in-time production with lean management and stock reduction


New powder coating plant: energy consumption reduced by 20% and 10% of the powder recycled


Martin Holenweg, Managing Director of W. Schneider+Co AG and Chairman of the Board of Directors Martin Renggli as well as a couple of friendly entrepreneurs acquire on February 11, 2021 100% of the shares of Holding W. Schneider AG. This acquisition reinforces the independence of the Schneider group.

Our values

68 years of experience

“The Swiss pioneer and specialist for mirror cabinets and illuminated mirrors since 1953.”